Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Ping with your telephone

2010 is going to be the year of Ping. At least that is the expectation. In America it is very common to ping and it is coming now to Europe.

But what is Pinging?

With Pinging is it possible to send text, images or speech very fast. It is SMS, Chat and MSN in one.

If you have a Blackberry and a pin code (most of the Blackberry users have), you can send fast messages by mobile internet to other Blackberry users.

The message comes immediately on the receivers screen and warns with a ping (that's why it is called pinging).

So it is really simple, once you subscribe to PING, you can select your PING access number corresponding to your city and area code from our list of access numbers.

You then contact your cell phone service provider and ask them to lower your plan to the strict minimum and add a single number (your PING telephone number) as your favorite choice.

This means you will only pay one monthly fee for this number and as a result, you will not be charged by the minute and note that is the ping number that give you access to call unlimited with no extra charge or long distance fee inside your country.

Now you are ready to start ''PINGING''.

With the newest Blackberry is it possible to scan with your camera the “QR code” from the other user. The QR code is a kind off barcode which Blackberry messenger automatic detect. This is a simple way to exchange pin codes. You can also, with GPS, let your contact know where you are.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Geocache Navigator for Blackberry

Geocache Navigator on your cellular phone offers you a fun and
easy method to enjoy a hugely popular hide and seek game called
geocaching (also known as "GPS treasure hunting").

Geocaching is really a fun, complicated workout for persons of all ages.

Use GPS technology to hunt for treasure, while honing your outdoor navigation and look for skills and staying fit and alert.

Experience the thrill from the cache!

Geocache Navigator is effortless for beginners to use, and powerful for advanced geocaches.

With Geocache Navigator you may go geocaching anytime and anywhere. Just grab your phone and go!

The app turns your phone into a one-stop-shop that combines your phone’s GPS capacity and its wireless details network into a single geocaching tool.

Whether you are a seasoned geocacher or you are doing it for ones first time, Geocache Navigator lets you immediately come to be a treasure hunter directly from the BlackBerry smartphone.

There's no preplanning, mapping or writing down clues – everything you want is at the touch of your hand.

Geocaching can make road trips, family vacations or just the average day that a lot more fun.

Geocache Navigator is an effortless and affordable software program that helps make fitness fun for your family.

There's no particular equipment needed and everything is instantaneously out there so you may have fun on your schedule – whenever and in which you want.

Simply start the software program on your BlackBerry smartphone and begin finding treasures – the clues and maps are all correct there.

You by no means miss an opportunity to spontaneously discover hidden caches

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to put ping contacts in your blackberry

About the contact list BlackBerry® Messenger enables you to chat with other BlackBerry® wireless device users in realtime using your BlackBerry device. To use BlackBerry Messenger, you must have the BlackBerry Messenger program installed on your BlackBerry device.

The BlackBerry Messenger program can be installed by users in different ways depending on the wireless service provider.
Your contact list displays your individual contacts and contact groups. A contact is an individual BlackBerry Messenger user.

Requests contain a link to where you can download the program and find out more information about it. You can send requests to contacts by email or PIN (personal identification number).

Note: See the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld User Guide for more information on PIN. You can use groups to sort your contacts. The default group is Contacts.

Add a contact
1.On the Contact List screen, click the trackwheel.
2.Click Add a Contact.
3.Click [Use Once].
4.Click Request by Email or PIN.
5.Type an email address or PIN.
6.Press the Enter key.
7.Add a message.
8.Click OK.
9.Click OK.

Good Luck!!!